Tibetan Meditation Center

Upcoming Practices: Currently Virtual

TMC has several weekly Dharma practices and an ongoing rotation of special teachings, groups, and meetings that may last for several weeks or months.  For more information, visit our Programs and Events page.

Teachings on Zoom and Facebook Live
by Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin Rinpoche

March 23, 2021, @ 9am (EST): The Seven Branches of the Mantra that are called Serkhanga (Weekly Tuesdays)
March 28, 2021, @ 9am (EDT): Green Tara Empowerment (Past)
April 03, 2021, @ 9am (EDT): Gampopa the Precious Garland of the Supreme Path (Ongoing)
April 04, 2021, @ 9am (EDT): Chenrezig Practice (Upcoming)
April 11, 2021, @ 9am (EDT): Liberation Puja and Light Offering (Honoring Ancestors & Departed) (Upcoming)
April 18, 2021, @ 9am (EDT): Manjushri Teachings and Practice (Upcoming)

All Events are funded by your generous donations. We are a non-profit and donations are tax-deductible.
All are welcome. We encourage everyone to participate. No one is turned away due to a lack of funds. If you’d like to accumulate merit and donate any amount within your means for Virtual Teachings, Rituals, and Events click Donate with Paypal. Checks and Prayer Requests may also be mailed directly to Tibetan Meditation Center.

If you have special prayer requests, please send us an email at drikungweb@gmail.com. You may also notate your Donation with specifics so our resident teacher, Venerable Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin Rinpoche can add these personal requests to blessings rituals being performed.

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Please note: The inside of the Tibetan Meditation Center is closed to the Public currently for the benefit of all sentient beings. This is in adherence to the guidelines by CDC for Covid-19.

All Teachings are currently Virtual via our Facebook Live and Zoom Events during Covid-19. This is per the CDC Guidelines for the benefit, health, and safety of all sentient beings. 

You may visit the outside grounds of the Tibetan Meditation Center grounds during Covid-19 in groups no larger than 10 persons.

The Amitabha Stupa outside is present for you to circumambulate. The Amitabha Pavillian and outside the surrounding property are available for your benefit during these times. 

We ask with kindness and compassion that you, please refrain from entering the inside of the Tibetan Meditation Center grounds for everyone’s health and safety.

Once our temple is open to the public, we will announce this on our website, email subscriber list, and Facebook group.

No one will ever be turned away due to lack of funds. Still, if you wish to accumulate merit and help the Drikung Kagyu Temple during these times; There are Donation Boxes for the accumulation and support of the Tibetan Meditation Center. They are located outside in the outdoor Shrine and Amitabha Stupa for you to use as your outdoor practice. This is available for you. So you may visit the Tibetan Meditation Center and support its altruistic aspirations.  Please understand this is for your safety and the health of our lineage Masters, Yogis, Lamas, and Meditation Masters who work tirelessly for the benefit of all sentient beings to spread the Buddha’s teachings for convenience. 

All donations are tax-deductable as Tibetan Meditation Center is an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

Checks may be written to Tibetan Meditation Center and mailed to:

Tibetan Meditation Center
9301 Gambrill Park Road
Frederick, MD 21702, USA
Phone: 301.473.5750.

Around the end of the Calendar year, you will receive a receipt for your donation to our center via mail to report to your charitable support for personal or business taxes. This occurs when your donation has a return address submitted. 

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