Lama Chöpa and Losar!

Hello everyone!

This Sunday we have our regular monthly Lama Chöpa  practice.  This practice of offering a feast for our lineage masters and gurus is an important practice for developing devotion and accumulating merit and blessings.  Please remember to bring something for the offering as well as for our donation to the Frederick food drive.


This Tuesday, February 9th, is the Tibetan New Year, Losar.  Some members of the TMC community will be at TMC to ensure it remains open for anyone who wishes to visit and to assist with anyone wanting to perform practices or making offerings on the first day of the Fire Monkey Year.


Sunday practices will also be elaborate to celebrate the incoming Tibetan New Year.


Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin remains traveling through Europe and will soon begin the second leg of his trip to India.  We wish him well and pray that his travels will benefit many beings.  We look forward to his return!

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