Nyungne Retreat Thursday February 18-February 21st

The practice of Nyungne is a phenomenal practice for the accumulation of vast merit and the purification of many lifetimes of afflictive emotions and impure actions. Join us beginning on the evening of Thursday, February 17th as we undertake a 4 day retreat for the incomparable practice of Nyungne.

Nyungne practice is an intensive short retreat involving fasting, prostration, and carrying the eight pratimoksha vows for the duration. Thursday evening will start with a single session at 7:30PM. On Friday morning, we will begin with taking the vows at the first session, around 5:30AM. After lunch on Friday, only fluid sustenance will be permissible. Beginning with the first session on Saturday, no food or drink will be permitted, until Sunday morning at sunrise. On Friday and Saturday, we will practice four sessions each day. Sunday morning we will conclude the practice. Texts will be provided as necessary.

The Nyungne retreat will be observed in silence, but the facilities will still be open. Participants are invited to stay at the TMC through the duration of the practice to ensure that the vows are maintained. Attendees who are unable to attend for the duration are still welcome to attend as they can.

Donations of $35 per day or $100 for the duration are suggested. As always, nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.




Thursday, 18 February: Evening Session, 7:30PM

Friday, 19 February: Four sessions of practice beginning at 5:30AM.  No solid food after lunch.

Saturday, 20 February: Four sessions of practice beginning 5:30AM.  No food or liquid intake all day.

Sunday, 21 February: Closing session beginning at 5:30AM.

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