Naga Puja on Sunday, October 9th!

This coming Sunday, October 9th is an auspicious day for practicing the naga puja that propitiates the local nagas.  Gyalpo Rinpoche empowered and taught the TMC this special practice of Nagaraja Buddha at the request of Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin in 2015, and it is important to regularly practice on appropriate days.  This Sunday is an appropriate day to join in this excellent practice.


The naga spirits are waterborn spirits said to exist in the human realms, whose king became a follower of Buddha.  The practice of Nagaraja Buddha involves the evocation of the nagas, and making offerings of food and teachings of Buddhism to the nagas.

Because nagas are extremely particular, we request that anyone attending please refrain from eating any meat, eggs, or strongly pungent foods such as onions, prior to attending.

Practice will be led by Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin, who is recovered from his operation.


A Look Ahead:

On October 16th, Khenpo Tsultrim will resume his teachings on the Uttaratantra Shastra.
On October 23rd, Khenpo Tsultrim will bestow the empowerment of Medicine Buddha in the morning, and teach on Medicine Buddha’s eight aspiration vows in the afternoon.

More details will be forthcoming as the time approaches.

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